The Elder Scrolls Blades - How to play without spending real money?

The Elder Scrolls Blades - How to play without spending real money?

This chapter contains tips for players who do not plan to spend their money on microtransactions. Although this is a free game, and we spend a lot of time on the game, but as long as the game becomes unbearable, there is no reason not to save.

Focus on gold

Having decided to refuse all microtransactions, we should forget about most of the things that can be bought for crystals. Those crystals that we will receive in the missions of the main plot, and the small amounts received during the secondary tasks, are best used to increase the hero's throughput - the number of chests that are cracked at a time, and the number of items in the inventory. It’s definitely not worth paying for accelerating the opening of chests and buying time-limited “special offers” - we can receive objects obtained for them after reaching the highest level and we will need them soon.

Refusing crystals, gold will become our only currency. To maximize your earnings, we must build as many Smith workshops as possible so that you can sell unnecessary things to one, not three merchants. It is also worth avoiding battles whenever possible, as soon as the enemy is far away and can be avoided - if the goal of the mission is not to kill with a certain type of weapon of the enemy, such a battle will only deplete our level of health and reduce the effectiveness of equipment that is not cheap.

In order to collect gold and building materials, you need to go through the missions and tasks that give the player. The regular implementation of several of them every day will allow you to build a significant capital, for which we will expand the city and acquire even better items.

Can I finish the game by playing only for free?

The Elder Scrolls: Blades you can go through and complete all the story and additional missions without spending PLN, but this is a long and sometimes tedious process. The strength of our hero really depends on the quality of items from the chests and good luck in enchanting elements of equipment. In the case of heavier levels, we recommend looking at the weaknesses of specific opponents.

This part of the guide to The Elder Scrolls: Blades is devoted to the description of microtransactions - the prices for a special currency in the form of crystals and everything that can be bought for these crystals.

Since The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a free game, we will find offers that will encourage you to spend real money. We buy crystals for real money, and then use this microtransaction currency to buy various things and facilitate the passage of the game. Having paid for the purchase with crystals, we can increase our inventory and the number of chests, as well as reset our hero's development points, and speed up the opening of chests. It should also be noted that there are many time-limited proposals that are difficult to describe in this article. Therefore, we focused on regular offers - crystals and chests.

Prices for crystal bags in zloty

160 crystals - 8.99 PLN
500 crystals - PLN 23.99
1200 crystals - PLN 47.99
2500 crystals - PLN 94.99
6500 crystals - PLN 239.99
14,000 crystals - PLN 479.99

Random Item Box Prices

Golden Chest (Golden Chest) - 250 crystals
Old Chest (Elder Chest) - 750 Crystals
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