Tips for completing the game Fallout 4. Passage of game # 060

The Purification of the Commonwealth

How to unlock: Complete the Call to Arms quest and speak with Rhys at the Cambridge Police Station (M5,1). This is one of the Brotherhood's random quests.

Quest Objectives:

Talk to Rice

Go to the chosen place and kill all enemies

Return to Rice to receive a reward.

Cleansing the Commonwealth is one of the Brotherhood of Steel random quests. During it, you must clear the location indicated by the quest giver from all enemies - usually from ghouls, super mutants or bandits. To complete the quest, you must speak with Knight Rhys at the Cambridge Police Station after completing the Call to Arms quest from the Brotherhood of Steel storyline.

After you complete the quest, you will be taken to a random place that had not been cleared of enemies before. Usually you don’t even need to kill them all, just remove the strongest ones marked with a green dot. When the task is completed, return to the Cambridge Police Station and speak with Knight Rhys. You will get several bottle caps from him, get some experience and be able to start another similar mission.

Rewards for quests: experience points, traffic jams, new side quests.

Scribe's defense

How to unlock: Talk with Quinlan on the Prydwen ship (M7,2). The quest will become available after you complete the Tour of Duty quest. This is one of the Brotherhood's random quests.

The Learning Curve quest is one of the random quests made for Brotherhood of Steel. You can get it only after completing the quest "Tour of duty" from the main plot of the Brotherhood. After talking with Quinlan, you should find one of the scribes. Once the conversation is over, you will receive on the map the destination where you should go. Your main task is to protect the scribe while he copies the necessary data. In most cases, all you have to do is clear the area of ​​enemies. When a member of the fraternity is accompanying you will collect data, just go back to Prydwen and talk with Quinlan. You will get some experience and caps.

Rewards for quests: experience points, traffic jams, new side quests.

Free end

Kill virgil

The Loose End quest starts automatically after you complete the Duty or Dishonor quest, but only on the condition that you at least start the Liberty Reprimed quest in the Brotherhood storyline.

Kells will ask you to kill Virgil, a super mutant explorer found in the luminous sea. Go to the Rocky Cave location, which is moving to the southwest edge of the map. Go inside. After a short conversation, Virgil will attack you. Kill him and destroy several robots that will become unfriendly to you. Now go back to the ship, and talk to Kells. He will give you a helmet for power armor.

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