Desperados 3 Tips - Story # 015

Focus on eliminating the enemy in heavy armor

An elite enemy in heavy armor will come out of the destroyed van, and you need to concentrate all your efforts on this. To kill an enemy soldier, use a grenade launcher or explosives.

Escape from an ambush

It shouldn't be too hard to lose the chase

After you succeed, you can end the battles or escape from the site. I recommend the latter, especially if you drive a good car and you have developed Aiden hacking skills, thanks to which you can easily lose the pursuit (bollards, road spikes, pipelines, etc.).

Mission rewards: 2000 experience points + experience points for destroying a convoy van and destroying an elite soldier

Mission 4 (Future at Blume)

The starting point for this mission is east Pawnee. Once you begin this mission, follow the main road to the Blume offices. Here you will receive new goals and learn that later in the mission you will not be allowed to find your character (otherwise it will fail).

Infiltrate Blume HQ

First gate

There are two different ways to access the Blume HQ. The first option is a locked gate in the southeast corner of the red zone.

In order to open the northeast gate, you need to start hacking consecutive surveillance cameras at the facility. Follow the white compound that starts at the gate, thanks to which you will determine the area of ​​interest. Activate the forklift shown in screenshot 1, and then switch to the camera in the house of the nearest caretaker. Turn the camera and stop it in the position shown in screenshot 2, thanks to which you can crack the switch.

Personally, I recommend that you do not use the northeast entrance, because you will have to take a longer path to reach your current destination. Despite this, it is a good idea to open this gate, because it can be useful towards the end of the mission.

Second gate

The second option is a locked gate in the southwestern corner of the red zone.

Also in this case, you need to open the gate, thanks to hacking into neighboring cameras. A security guard with a camera will appear near the gate sooner or later, and you need to switch to it. Wait until the switch shown in the screenshot above appears in the field of view of the guard and quickly crack it.

Note. Before entering the base, I recommend using cameras nearby to inspect the entire facility. Mark all the enemies that you notice and get a new audiologist at the same time (Malcolm Deodato 06). яндекс

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