Body tanning

Beauticians unanimously urge us not to sunbathe, but is it possible to resist the charm of tanned skin? All kinds of creams, lotions, sprays with tanning are designed for only one thing: to give the skin a swarthy effect without exposure to ultraviolet rays, natural or artificial. The effect of tanned skin is achieved by simple coloring.
Tanning is traditionally divided into several types: bronzates (often called tanning) and bronzants.
Bronzants will delight you with a visible effect in just a few hours. The composition of such a product is only coloring matter. Unfortunately, your new beautiful skin tone will be washed off when you first contact with water. Autobronzates stay on the skin for up to several days, and their effect is based on a chemical reaction. Your body will become “tanned” after 3-4 hours, although today there are remedies that manifest within an hour.
How to choose a tan?
Today, tanning for the body is not only a bronze shade of the skin, but also moisturizing, nutrition, care and protection from direct sunlight.
If you have fair skin, but you want a dark skin tone, choose a tan for light skin type. A natural and light tonic effect will be given by means marked “light” on the tube. Owners of light, almost white skin should start with a lotion. The medium skin tone will be perfectly darkened with the help of products marked “medium”, such products will emphasize your natural tone, giving the skin a golden effect. Owners of dark skin, who want to be even darker and just remove the grayness and painful appearance of the skin after winter, can safely trust the means marked “dark”.
How to apply?
• One day before applying tanning, be sure to do epilation or depilation, then the applied product will lie more evenly.
• It is advisable to remove makeup, deodorant per day, and do not apply toilet water.
• Take a shower before applying and be sure to use a scrub. If this is not done, the keratinized skin will take fire on itself, and as soon as they descend, you will become like a leopard.
• Never apply tanning in haste, especially before bedtime. It is best to apply the product in daylight. If applied before bedtime, then divorces are inevitable.
• Apply self-tanning only on dry skin.
• Knees and elbows require more attention. After the winter cold, these are the driest parts of the body, and apply the least amount of funds on them.
• Before using the product, apply a fat cream on the eyebrows, lips, hair roots, knees and elbows: this will relieve these parts of the body from yellowness. The operators are proud to have developed the fastest and most user-friendly mobile casino in their eyes. Over 1,000 titles to choose from, no matter when and where, you can always enjoy your MrBit Casino pleasure. The games are adapted to the devices and operating system and run just as smoothly as on your laptop or desktop. The game on mobile devices sees Mr Bit Casino as a further step in the development of online entertainment and uses the corresponding resources for this.

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