Phil Anselmo Scour

Phil Anselmo Scour

Philip told Decibel Magazine: “Doing the Scour project was a blast,” Anselmo tells Decibel. “The track, ‘Dispatched’ was the first one I attacked, as it was the first one sent to me. Lyrically, I leave it to the listener to evaluate, as usual. The way I saw it, the songs were short, and extremely straightforward, so I didn’t want to clutter ‘em up with too much as generic drugs. Therefore, I had to pick particular lyrics that seemed provocatively absurd enough, and to perform them as raw as deemed fit. Hope all true extreme music lovers enjoy the stuff as much as I did performing it. A huge cheers to all the awesome collaborators on this project… Much love to all!”

SCOUR to headline BLASTFEST Thursday February 23 @ USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway
Tickets available via Ticketmaster:

Phillip H. Anselmo – Vocals
Derek Engemann (CATTLE DECAPITATION) – Guitar
Chase Fraser (ANIMOSITY) – Guitar
John Jarvis (PIG DESTROYER) – Bass
Jesse Schobel (STRONG INTENTION) – Drums

Stream the entire Scour Ep below:


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