Kerrang! Podcast from Download at Donnington

Kerrang! Podcast: Down! Philip H. Anselmo talks to Nick Ruskell about his Relentless Kerrang! Awards experience, Download weekend and gives us the lowdown on his forthcoming release with his new band Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals.

PHILIP talks to Artisan News at Golden Gods about the Pantera rift

So far, former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has not been open to hearing Phil Anselmo’s offer to reconcile, and we asked Phil if he thinks Vince will ever come around and clear the air.

Metal Hammer interviews Phil at Download Festival

Metal Hammer: “Amit got to hang with Pantera and Down legend Phil Anselmo at Download this past weekend. Things got a bit weird…”

Philip H. Anselmo Does The Q&A with Pollstar

Philip H. Anselmo unleashes his first solo album – Walk Through Exits Only – onto the world July 16 on his own Housecore Records label. Recorded at his New Orleans studio dubbed “Nodferatur’s Lair,” the album was co-produced by Anselmo and Michael Thompson.

Two weeks after the album is released, Anselmo and his new band, The Illegals, will take the new music on tour, playing stripped-down shows while they blow the roofs off of venues across the country. The touring version of The Illegals will features two musicians who appear on Walk Through Exits Only – guitarist Marzi Montazeri and drummer Jose Manuel “Blue” Gonzalez – plus bassist Steve Taylor.

While talking with Pollstar, Anselmo talked about the new album and how he labored over the music. He also touched on his days with Pantera, how he loves playing in Down and why it is important to him to “bring up some new blood” in The Illegals.

What can you tell us about the new album?

I wanted to make an extreme record that could not be easily placed within any genre or sub genre. Fair enough to call it heavy metal but there’s so many genres of heavy metal and sub genres. Within death metal or black metal you already have somewhat preconceived notions of what the lyrics might be like or what the ideology might be like or the grim, morose feeling might be like. Honestly, I wanted to approach it differently, lyrically, and write about more, I guess, realistic shit, everyday shit I’d go through that could be frustrations. But I’m in a good place these days – mentally and physically – so it’s like there’s a lot of tongue and cheek in there. There’s a lot of sarcasm in my lyrics. I think it comes off as a very angry record. Which is fine by me because, like any human being within the human condition, little things, if you let them compile in your life, like just being lazy when you damn well know you have plenty to do and you just don’t know where to start, it’s frustrating. You let them build up and they become big things. For me, it’s great therapy to be able to get out my frustrations via music. So it all makes some sort of oddball sense.

Read the entire article here.

“A Vulgar Display of HORROR” Wormwood Chronicles interviews Philip

“How strange are the ways of fate. Five years ago, if you asked me what metal icon I would have LEAST wanted to talk to, I would have sure said Phil Anselmo, notorious frontman of the legendary Pantera and current leader of Down. In fact, I might have said he was a real jerk. Well, that shows what I know.”

Read the interview here:

Philip Anselmo, ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ Exclusive Song Premiere

Legendary Pantera singer Philip Anselmo is set to unleash his debut solo album, ‘Walk Through Exits Only,’ on July 16, and Loudwire is proud to exclusively premiere the disc’s title track (listen below).

As the frontman of Pantera, Down and Superjoint Ritual, Anselmo has been responsible for some of metal’s heaviest music over the past 20-plus years, but his solo album may just find the singer delivering his rawest and most intense vocals to date over some crushing sounds by his backing band the Illegals.

The track ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ begins with Anselmo declaring, “It’s ruined / It’s ruined / It’s ruined / Everybody ruins music / Not just me,” followed by powerful lines like, “I’m jaded and over it / Sick of the whole of it / Everything piles up / Until I burn it in the trash / Incinerate and turn it into ash.”

The Times Picayune: Down to play House of Blues on Friday, May 31; frontman Phil Anselmo plans new solo album, horror film festival

By Alison Fensterstock, | The Times-Picayune
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on May 28, 2013 at 5:22 PM, updated June 04, 2013 at 4:31 PM

Veteran New Orleans sludge-metal band Down, the hard-grinding supergroup featuring Corrosion of Conformity’s Pepper Keenan, Eyehategod’s Jimmy Bower, Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein and, of course, Pantera’s Phil Anselmo — potentially the north shore’s most ferocious resident — brings down the heavy metal thunder at the House of Blues on Friday (May 31). The band’s latest is the weighty, witchy “Down IV Part 1”, released in September 2012 and the first to feature Crowbar’s Pat Bruders on bass. (Bruders replaced longtime Down and Pantera bassist Rex Brown in 2011.)

Following the New Orleans gig, Down heads to Europe for a summer tour that runs through July, but Anselmo won’t be taking too much of a rest; on July 16, the singer releases the first solo album of his career. The screamy “Usurper Bastard’s Rant,” the first track from the upcoming “Walk Through Exits Only” by Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, previewed on the Rolling Stone website May 13.

The Illegals, which features Joe Gonzales of Texas’ Warbeast on drums and New Orleans bassist Bennett Bartley of King Louie’s Missing Monuments on the album (Bartley is not in the touring version of the band), will hit the road later this summer. And at the end of October, the group will wind up at another first for Anselmo – a film festival.

Anselmo, one of the founders of the enduring New Orleans haunted house the House of Shock, is a lifelong aficionado of gore, and on Oct. 25-27 in Austin, Texas, he’ll invite like-minded fans into his world with a three-day music and film festival dedicated to the horror genre. The music lineup thus far is heavily Louisiana-based: besides Warbeast, Down, Crowbar, the Illegals, and local sludge-metal acts Eyehategod will appear. As for the onscreen programming, it’s a bloody roundup of vintage horror (Lucio Fulci’s 1979 “Zombie”, the original 1981 Sam Raimi film “Evil Dead”, the creepy 1920 silent movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”), slasher documentaries, metal flicks and more.

Of particular note is a screening of Dario Argento’s cult 1977 horror flick “Suspiria.” The music for the original film was written and performed by the Italian prog-rock band Goblin; in Austin in October, original Goblin members Maurizio Guarini and Claudio Simonetti will perform their score live during the movie.

Down plays the House of Blues (225 Decatur St.) Friday, May 31, at 8:30 p.m. Honky and Mount Carmel open. Tickets $32.

Tickets are on sale now for the three-day Housecore Horror Film Festival at Emo’s in Austin, Texas, on Oct. 25-27; all-inclusive badges are $175, and can be purchased via

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Message From Philip to the people of Oklahoma

“For all the folks that have been through the tornado devastation in Oklahoma, hang in there. Life cannot stop the path of nature. But life can go on, and will. Having been through Oklahoma my entire career in various cities, I know for a fact that you folks have the resolve it takes to rebuild and thrive. RIP all that perished. Revive and thrive for all survivors!”
-P. Anselmo

CVLT Nation interviews Phil Anselmo on Housecore Horror Film Fest

Phil Anselmo doesn’t need an introduction so there isn’t even a point in trying one right now. However, in recent years he’s added more strings to his bow with the establishment of Housecore Records along with his forthcoming solo record. Now teaming up with crime author Corey Mitchell, Anselmo has co-founded the Housecore Horror Film Festival taking place on Halloween in Austin, Texas. The weekend promises to be an unnerving descent into the abyss of horror films with performances from Down and Eyehategod to name a few. CVLT Nation speaks with Phil to find out more.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did the idea for Housecore Horror Film Festival come about?
That’s an amazing question really because I’ve thought to myself a hundred times; how the fuck did I even get this far with this thing? It’s the guy named Corey Mitchell who is a true crime writer, he’s the guy I will be writing my autobiography with. He’s more of a data collector and the type that will make sure the stuff within the book runs perfectly in a timeline. But it was his idea because, I mean, once you come to my house and hang out a little bit, you look around, a lot of my décor, so to speak [laughs], it just screams horror films and once you see my collection, it’s ridiculous so he was like man, you’ve got to share some of these movies with people and just in general. One thing led to another and now it’s just this whole different animal. There’s bands and amazing directors that dedicated to come so it’s a little intimidating but that’s where we’re at.

Read the rest of the article here.

Phil and Rex together with Anthrax doing Pantera’s “This Love” last night.

Check out Phil and Rex together with Anthrax doing Pantera’s “This Love” last night with a tribute to Jeff Hanneman at the end.

David Ellefson & Zakk Wylde interview Philip Anselmo at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods

Fuse TV: Former Pantera Lead Singer Phil Anselmo Gives Advice to New Bands

The longtime heavy metal frontman—now a part of New Orleans-based act Down—offers tips for making it in the rock scene, like playing free gigs and “ripping off 20 of your favorite bands”

Philip comments in a Forbes Magazine article about Record Store Day

The success of Record Store Day turns a lot of things on its head. The notion that everything has to be cheap and convenient – something we are taught over and over again – is thrown out the window. “It’s an anomaly,” as Kurtz puts it. “There’s nothing convenient about going to Record Store Day. It’s like going to a rock festival. Stand in line, hang out with other music fans and hear music all day.”

Philip Anselmo, front man of the multi-platinum metal act Pantera, and now owner of indie record label Housecore Records, can relate to the fact that more people are taking the time to visit record stores. When he was younger, Anslemo used to constantly scour underground record stores and to this day still believes in the vinyl format. “Record Store Day promotes this type of passion of having the actual product in your hand instead of just a download,” said Anselmo. “I love having the full album, art, lyrics and I think vinyl sounds better. And as a label owner, it makes me happy to see that people slowly but surely want to have this tangible copy in their hands instead of a free [expletive] download, which is driving me [expletive] bananas.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Converse x Decibel Collaboration: Hanging with Phil Anselmo

Everyone gets old. Most of us get bitter, bored and ignorant along the way. Phil Anselmo, legendary frontman of Pantera and Down, has unexpectedly proven a welcome exception. Now in his mid-40s, Phil has reinvented himself as extreme music’s cool uncle, fostering young boundary-pushing bands via his Housecore Records imprint while sacrificing none of the ferocity and rage that continues to drive his countless projects. In the latest installment of Converse x Decibel, the always candid Anselmo talks boxing, chronic back pain and finding inspiration in a new generation of metalheads.

The Times Picayune: Q&A with heavy metal elder statesman Phil Anselmo

By Alison Fensterstock, | The Times-Picayune By Alison Fensterstock, | The Times-Picayune
on May 17, 2012 at 3:42 PM, updated May 17, 2012 at 9:41 PM

Phil Anselmo, the now elder statesman of the local heavy metal scene, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the ’92 Pantera album “Vulgar Display Of Power.” Best known as the singer for chart-topping ’80s and ’90s metal act Pantera, the New Orleans-born Anselmo also fronts 20-year-old sludge-metal supergroup Down.
phil-anselmo.jpgKeith Spera/The Times-Picayune archivePhil Anselmo says of being a musician, ‘There is never a day where you should say, “I’ve paid my dues.” Because you never stop paying them.’

WHAT’S HE UP TO: The north shore resident has just finished recording projects with Texas’ Warbeast and New Orleans’ Haarp, metal acts on his Housecore Records label; a new Down EP and a solo album are under way.

HOW TO HEAR HIM: This week, Rhino Records released the deluxe two-disc 20th anniversary CD-DVD set of the multiplatinum-selling album “Vulgar Display Of Power,” featuring an unreleased studio track and rare video footage of the band performing in Italy in 1992.
What do you think was so special about ‘Vulgar Display Of Power,’ Pantera’s highest-selling album?

Anselmo: Heavy metal production as a whole was going through a lot of change, and the sound of records was changing. “Vulgar Display” was recorded analog, so it was pretty amazing how (late guitarist Dimebag) Darrell and our producer Terry Date and (drummer) Vinnie Paul worked out certain sounds, especially the guitar sound and the drum tones. If you look at heavy metal as an entire body of work, you can see where those sounds are still very, very relevant.

With your Housecore Records label, you produce and release work from young acts like Haarp and Warbeast. Do you feel like an elder statesman?

To consider myself that — well, it’s up to the guys in Haarp to answer that question. But I would hope so. I’ve been there and I’ve done so many recordings, it’s incredible. It’s really my job to make it easier on everybody. Keep that upbeat attitude in the room and keep everybody doing the best they can.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in rock ’n’ roll?

If you want it, you’re gonna have to put the work in. Success doesn’t happen easily, or gently. And there is never a day where you should say, “I’ve paid my dues.” Because you never stop paying them.

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