ARSON ANTHEM- Vocals-Mike IX Williams, Guitar-Philip H. Anselmo, Drums-III, Bass-Collin Yeo-

The culmination of long time friends uniting out of a sheer necessity to create “The Sound” of a time in the past that echoes forever in our rattled minds. We lived it. The shape of this type of rage in the 21st century, is a true threat to a genre which is in a sorry state of affairs, albeit in the subterranean hollow of a true underground scene.

Our mission is the re-introduction to the roots of painful amplification, raw production, and a TRUE “Fuck All” attitude, to a movement within the new generation that’s lost the meaning of simpler, less complicated ventures such as the original brutality of bands such as Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Hellhammer, Discharge, Void et al…

This is a beautiful thing.

Never giving way to what the societal masses want us to conform to, as by example our previous musical incarnations….We got the grudge.

We keep the grudge against all of you.