Philip interviewed by Damnation Vault

DV: What does it mean to you to support our Veterans?
An Interview With Philip H. Anselmo by Jenna Williams
Photo by Dirt Junior []

I doubt you and I would be having this phone conversation if it were not for them. Every ounce of freedom that we have in this country, whether people want to recognize it or not is due to the Veterans and what they’ve done, keeping America as free as it is. It’s a crazy world out there, man.

Sticking to the Veteran part of it… I just, once again… Any freedoms that we enjoy are because of what the Veterans have done for us. That’s saying a whole lot right there. I’ll just keep it short and sweet like that.

I could go on for a while because I was raised in a house with a Vietnam Veteran.

DV: Really?

Yeah. One of my first memories as a kid, both terrifying and eye opening. So, I got a wake up call pretty early in life about the misery that war and the horrors of going to war.
Thinking about an individual signing up to fight for our country is a mighty stroke of courageousness.

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