‘Walk Through Exits Only’ cd review by Maximum Threshold

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals- “Walk Through Exits Only” (2013 Housecore Records)

by Jeff Blackburn

A comeback Doesn’t come gently, it’s as ugly as ugly is…made of hedonist handcuffs, crushing weight, neurotic accuracy, and kills love outright”, as Phil spits out with disgust on the self titled track from his debut solo album. For all the shots Phil has taken over the years from the press, and trolls scouring the internet with the sole purpose of spreading blind hatred, he has made a triumphant return to his extreme roots that haters and fans alike have all clamored for. The return is true to form for Anselmo, this generations most iconic and legendary front men, who has been focusing on Down for the past several years. I have heard things like Phil has lost his voice,can’t sing like he used to, or is burned out. Well I guess haters are gonna hate no matter what…

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