Philip comments in a Forbes Magazine article about Record Store Day

The success of Record Store Day turns a lot of things on its head. The notion that everything has to be cheap and convenient – something we are taught over and over again – is thrown out the window. “It’s an anomaly,” as Kurtz puts it. “There’s nothing convenient about going to Record Store Day. It’s like going to a rock festival. Stand in line, hang out with other music fans and hear music all day.”

Philip Anselmo, front man of the multi-platinum metal act Pantera, and now owner of indie record label Housecore Records, can relate to the fact that more people are taking the time to visit record stores. When he was younger, Anslemo used to constantly scour underground record stores and to this day still believes in the vinyl format. “Record Store Day promotes this type of passion of having the actual product in your hand instead of just a download,” said Anselmo. “I love having the full album, art, lyrics and I think vinyl sounds better. And as a label owner, it makes me happy to see that people slowly but surely want to have this tangible copy in their hands instead of a free [expletive] download, which is driving me [expletive] bananas.”

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